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Li, W, Bartolini, L, Johnson, J, Luo, F, Myers, R, Rubenstein, JH. 2011 Editors, 'Topology and Geometry in Dimensions Three: Triangulations, Invariants and Geometric Structures', Contemporary Mathematics, American Mathematical Society, vol. 560, 192 pp.

Book Chapters:

Rubenstein, JH. 2011 'Problems at the Jacofest', Topology and Geometry in Dimensions Three: Triangulations, Invariants and Geometric Structures, Contemporary Mathematics, American Mathematical Society, vol. 560, 191-192

Edited Voulumes:

Guttmann, AJ. Editor. 2011 Journal of Statistical Physics, vol. 145 (3), Special issue celebrating Cyril Domb’s 90th birthday.

Sloan, IG. Editor. 2011 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, vol. 235 (13), Special issue for International Conference on Engineering Computational Mathematics, Kowloon 2009.

Journal Papers (published):

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Journal and Conference Papers published by a visiting Academic 2011:

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