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PhD Scholarships in Mathematics and Statistics


The ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems (MASCOS) makes available PhD Scholarships in Mathematics and Statistics. These are normally in the form of "top-up'' scholarships to those students already holding APRA scholarships, or equivalent, as detailed below. In very rare and exceptional cases a full scholarship may be payable. Applicants must first be accepted as PhD scholars at one of the MASCOS institutions, listed below, and be supervised by a MASCOS Chief Investigator. On the recommendation of the Chief Investigator, the student will be deemed a MASCOS scholar, and the scholarship awarded.

The MASCOS mission is to stimulate research in mathematical and statistical modelling of complex systems, to encourage cross-fertilisation of ideas and techniques in this field, and to apply this knowledge to the analysis of complex systems.

Successful applicants for MASCOS scholarships will hold them at participating MASCOS institutions. MASCOS research themes are: Critical Phenomena, Dynamical Systems, Risk Analysis and Complex Networks.

Specific research opportunities for PhD students at participating institutions are listed below.

The University of Melbourne

  • Measurement and distributed control in the Internet (Taylor)
  • Distributed control of data networks (Taylor)
  • Analysis of stochastic networks (Taylor)
  • The combinatorics of the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process (Brak)
  • Exact solution and combinatorics of lattice path problems (Brak and Owczarek)
  • Monte Carlo in critical phenomena of lattice models (Owczarek)
  • Stochastic risk modelling and complex systems (Borovkov)
  • Stochastic network models and their applications (Borovkov)
  • Analysis of high-dimensional, low sample size (HDLSS) data (Hall)
  • Analysis of internet data; bagging (i.e. bootstrap aggregation) methods (Hall)
  • Bootstrap methods (Hall)
  • Function estimation (Hall)
  • Errors in variables methods (Hall)
  • Functional data analysis (Hall)
  • Statistics in astronomy (Hall)
  • Theory for nonparametric statistics (Hall)
  • Signal analysis with nonuniform sampling (Hall)

La Trobe University

  • Scientific Computing and Differential Equations (Quispel)
  • Discrete Integrable Systems (Quispel)
  • Chaos and Order in Dynamical Systems (Quispel)

The University of Queensland

  • Estimating Persistence in Populations that are Subject to Catastrophes (Pollett)
  • Models for Spatially Structured Metapopulations (Pollett)
  • Stochastic Models for Epidemics in Population Networks (Pollett)
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PhD Scholarship Details

The MASCOS PhD Scholarships will be amongst the most attractive in the field. They will be at the rate of A$27,000 per annum, in the form of a top-up to an existing APRA scholarship or equivalent. Holders of these scholarships will also have a maintenance fund of A$3,000 per annum to be used for study-related expenses. It is anticipated that fee waivers will be available for PhD scholarship holders who are Australian citizens or Australian residents. International students should read the relevant section below.

Initial contact should be made either through the MASCOS Director, Professor Tony Guttmann (email:, or one of MASCOS's component institutions:

The University of Melbourne: Professor Peter Taylor;

La Trobe University: Professor Reinout Quispel;

The University of Queensland: Professor Phil Pollett;

In your email, please specify at which institution you would prefer to be based, and your field(s) of interest.

Note for international students.

International applicants are subject to substantial tuition fees. Intending students should visit one of the following websites for information regarding language requirements and eligibility for additional scholarships to cover tuition fees:

The University of Melbourne:

La Trobe University:

The University of Queensland:

Summer Internships

Please note that MASCOS is not in a position to offer summer internships at present.

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