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Intellectual Property (IP)
The need to manage IP generated by MASCOS investigators, staff and students has been recognised ever since MASCOS was founded in 2004. IP generated by MASCOS investigators is currently vested in the investigators or in the node universities where the IP is generated. This is because MASCOS, as an unincorporated joint venture, cannot make claim to, own or defend any IP it generates as part of its activities. Distribution of benefits derived from IP generated by MASCOS projects is governed by agreements between relevant MASCOS nodes.

IP Management Guidelines
This section outlines IP policies to be followed during various stages of project progress by people involved in the projects.

Before project commencement
Prior to commencing MASCOS funded projects investigators should complete a MASCOS IP Checklist and forward it to the MASCOS Director. The IP Checklist has been designed to identify potential Background IP, Centre IP (IP already developed by MASCOS members) and prospective IP.
Potentially valuable IP will be noted in the MASCOS IP register and investigators will then be advised by the MASCOS Director and the host University(s) regarding how to best protect and manage project IP.

For projects in progress
Investigators who have not completed an IP checklist in the last 12 months are requested to do so by 1 December each year.

For completed projects
At the completion of MASCOS projects Investigators should submit a completed IP Checklist to ensure the capture and protection of any potential project IP.

For students
Students participating in MASCOS funded projects may be asked to assign all their right, title and interest to Project IP to their host university. Students participating in MASCOS projects should seek further details regarding IP arrangements from the Director. Students at the University of Melbourne should download and read the file called StudentResearcherDeed.pdf, a sample of which can be seen at

Learning about IP
Investigators are encouraged to:

Useful links on IP
Here are some links to IP policies at various host universities.

LaTrobe University

University of Melbourne

University of Queensland

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