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Complex systems play a key role in a vast range of activities vital to the functioning and well-being of society and humanity, in both the natural and constructed world.

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems, namely MASCOS, stimulates and hones research activity in order to understand and manage these complex systems.

Such research focuses on three flagship applications that reflect key societal concerns underpinned by complex systems: accurate assessment of financial risk; security of large engineering grids; and control of emerging pests, diseases and pathogens. Tackling these and other key applications such as climate modelling, draws upon a variety of mathematical and statistical techniques which form the backbone of research into the solution of the flagship applications.

MASCOS is engaged in an extensive and vigorous outreach program encompassing schools, commerce, industry, and the broader research community. It is intended to raise the profile and reinforce the importance of the mathematical sciences across the spectrum of Australia’s scientific and technological development.

MASCOS operates from four nodes: The University of Melbourne, The University of New South Wales, La Trobe University, and The University of Queensland.


The Australian and New Zealand Association of Mathematical Physics will hold its inaugural annual meeting in the seaside town of Lorne, Victoria 2-5th December 2012. MASCOS is one of the sponsors of this event.


Former MASCOS Research Fellow Tim Garoni (Monash University) speaks with Jennifer Foreshew from the Australian 17/1/2012. 'Applying physics to better traffic flows'. Follow this link.

Ian Enting presents 'Real climate debates: a report from the IUGG General Assembly'
In The Conversation, MASCOS Professorial Fellow Ian Enting offers insight into some of the real debates in climate science, in contrast to typical media coverage. Follow the link above.

Ian Enting contribution to The Conversation: 'Rogues or respectable? How climate change sceptics spread doubt and denial'
MASCOS Professorial Fellow Ian Enting has contributed an article to The Conversation's 'Clearing up the climate debate' series. Follow the link above.

Mathematics enrichment classes sponsored by MASCOS
MASCOS has sponsored a series of mathematics enrichment classes in the past and will again in 2102, run by the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee for students who have done particularly well in recent contests. These classes will be held from August through to October. Presented by lecturers from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at The University of Melbourne, these classes introduce students to interesting areas of mathematics that they might otherwise not meet until much later in their education.

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