Counting Complexity:
An international workshop on statistical mechanics and combinatorics.

In celebration of Prof. Tony Guttmann's 60th birthday.

The recent interaction between those studying lattice models in statistical mechanics and those in the field of enumerative and algebraic combinatorics has produced an exciting area of cross-fertilization. Those approaching the problems from the combinatorics viewpoint have begun to realize there are many combinatorial problems in statistical mechanics that have been solved by completely different methods to that which they have been familiar, or they have also discovered new problems to study. Similarly, in the last few years techniques used by combinatorialists have suddenly been applied with considerable success to exact solutions in statistical mechanics. As such it is an opportune time to host a workshop that capitalises on this.

Hence a unique five day workshop which aims to bring together the two communities will be held in July 2005.

Workshop Date/Location

The workshop will take place from Sunday 10th to Friday 15th July 2005 Dunk Island Conference Centre, Queensland, Australia.